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Breaching court orders may seem like a minor charge, but there are a number of significant consequences that can result with a conviction.  In particular it can affect future release conditions, can result in significant jail sentences on subsequent convictions, and for some adults with youth records a conviction can cause the entire youth record to become unsealed and part of an adult criminal record.  Benedict Leung does not believe that any criminal charge is a minor or trifling matter.

In one instance Benedict Leung’s client had a significant youth record that included offences that if unsealed cannot be expunged from any adult criminal record.  His client was charged only with a single breach.  Failure to defend this adult would have resulted in the youth record becoming part of their adult record that would have followed them for the rest of their lives. Benedict Leung successfully defended his client and ensured that his youthful offence did not define the rest of his life.

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