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Impaired Driving

When you are charged with an Impaired Driving offence (Impaired Driving, Over .08, Refusal to provide a sample) you face upon conviction a minimum sentence of a 1 year driving prohibition and a $1000 fine. With the victim fine surcharge this works out to a minimum of $1300. 

Because of the nature of these offences, you may feel that you are already guilty because you have blown over the limit.  However, in order for the Crown to prove that in court the Crown has to be able to show that the police obtained that information lawfully and correctly.  As such, there are many defenses to impaired driving and over 80 charges. Benedict Leung will review your disclosure and determine if you have any defences available.

Remember you are presumed innocent, and before you plead guilty you should at least see if you have any defences available.

As well in Alberta you face an indefinite suspension while your matter resolves.  Benedict Leung understands the challenges you face of not having a license.  He will work to resolve your matter as soon as possible by bringing your matter into court as soon as possible and setting the earliest trial dates available.

Benedict Leung is skilled in impaired driving defence and stays abreast of the latest defences available.  His articles were completed under Timothy Foster a leading impaired driving lawyer in Canada and he continues to work closely with his former mentor.  Benedict has a high success rate and is ready to go to trial in your defence.

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