Areas of Practice

Traffic Offences

Benedict Leung deals with traffic driving offences including:

  • Careless Driving

  • Fail to Remain at the Scene of an Accident

  • Driving with No Insurance

  • Speeding

  • Distracted Driving

  • No Registration

  • Driving Without a License

Traffic offences are violations of Provincial Legislation.  This means that you do not get a criminal record from these offences.  However the penalties for these offences can be severe and range from fines, to license suspensions, to in some rare circumstances jail sentences.  The consequences can also include higher insurance premiums.  Convictions are also entered on to your Driver’s abstract which can affect your employment if you work as a driver.

Benedict Leung is experienced in dealing with traffic matters and works with you to achieve your desired result.  Before you pay a traffic ticket fine or plead guilty to an offence, call for a free consultation.

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