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Weapons Offences

Weapons offences range from unsafe storage and transportation of firearms, to possession of dangerous weapons, to possession of prohibited weapons.  The consequences of a conviction may include mandatory minimum sentences, and restrictions or bans on owning weapons.  Benedict Leung understands that there are many responsible and safe owners of weapons who may have only had a momentary lapse.  He believes that you should not be banned from owning weapons for any period of time.

Benedict Leung has successfully defended numerous clients charged with these offences.  He applies both orthodox and innovative solutions to clients charged with these offences.  In one instance Benedict Leung had the charge of a possession of weapon for dangerous purpose reduced to a municipal bylaw infraction.  The result was that this client has no criminal record and no weapons ban.

Weapons offences are serious charges and Benedict Leung is ready to defend you.  Call for a free consultation.

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